Dual Frequency, Dual views of the Searchlight’s Sonar power

Faster, easier, more reliable than ever




▶ Dual frequency display (50/200 kHz)*

The depth at the FORE and AFT positions can be displayed simultaneously.

▶ A variety of display modes available: NAVOS DATA and HISTORY
▶ High contrast 8.4″ LCD
▶ When interfaced with FURUNO remote display RD-20/50, depth information can be observed at a remote location
▶ Optional printer interface available for printing out echogram
▶ Connecting a PC with the optional data recording software allows you to store, compile and print out the past data of the echogram via PC
▶ BAM (Bridge Alert Management) ready**

Meets the specific requirements for alerts and interconnection with Bridge Alert Management in IMO MSC.302 (87)
** BAM capability is to be implemented as software update after the product release in early 2015.

▶ Depth data for the past 24 hours is storable in the internal memory

For the amount of data for storage and playback on the FE-800, please refer to “HISTORY” on the right page. With the optional PC software, the sounding information can be stored and played back for 24 hours, when the recording interval is set at 5 sec.

Visual and audible alerts screenshot

▶ Visual and audible alerts

The FE-800 generates alerts when the water depth below transducer is shallower than a preset depth. When the seabed is lost due to the lowered power supply or out of range scale, an alert is generated.

* When interfaced with two transducers


NAV Mode    Displays the depth numerically and graphically.




  • (A) Current range setting, reference point for the depth reading (Transducer/Surface/Keel) as well as currently selected mode are displayed.
  • (B) This area shows the information specifi-c to the display mode currently selected. Please refer to each of the display modes for details.
  • (C) Guide to currently available actions is displayed. Under an alert situation, the information about the most imminent alert is displayed.
    screenshots: alerts


Single frequency display (FORE or AFT) »



screenshots: OS DATA

Displays Own Ship Data (OS DATA)*

* only available if the FE-800 is connected to an external EPFS (Electronic Position-Fixing System), such as a GPS navigator.


screenshots: HISTORY

Displays a combination of Contour and Strata echo readings taken.

Recording interval setting Amount of data for storage and playback
5 sec 1 h
1 min 12 h
2 min 24 h



screenshots: LOGBOOK

Displays the stored time, depth and own ship position. The logbook is capable of storing data for up to 720 log entries.

Alert Log List

screenshots: Alert Log List

Displays the alert history (containing up to 100 alerts).

Color Presentation

Background: Black Echo: Amber
Background: Black  Echo: Amber
Background: Black Echo: Red
Background: Black  Echo: Red
Background: Blue Echo: Red
Background: Blue  Echo: Red
Background: White Text: Black
Background: White  Text: Black

Optional printer and PC software to utilize the stored data

Printer PP-505-FE
Printer PP-505-FE

The past data can be stored on a PC with the optional software.
Also, printout function of the echogram is available via the optional printer PP-505-FE.


PC software

Echo mode
Echo mode
Graph mode
Graph mode
Log mode
Log mode

Brochure Download





International, USA and Canada
Frequency Stability
Within ± 1.5 kHz
Communication System
Simplex / Semi-duplex
Antenna Impedance
50 ohms
Monochrome, 192 x 128 dot (FM-4800, HS-4800)


Frequency Range
156.025 MHz to 162.000MHz
Output Power
25 W max., 1 W at power reduction
Frequency Deviation
± 5 kHz max
Spurious Emission
Standby : less than 2nW
Transmit: less than 0.25 μW
16K0G3E (F3E9) Voice, 16K0G2B (F2B) DSC


Frequency Range
156.025 MHz to 162.0375 MHz
162.550 MHz to 163.275 MHz (Weather Channel in US & Canada only)
± 6 dBμV e.m.f. or less (SINAD 20 dB)
Channel Selectivity
70 dB or more
Spurious Response
70 dB or more


Class D DSC
0 dBμV e.m.f. or less (BER < 1%)
Channel Selectivity
70 dB or more
Spurious Response
70 dB or more


Receiver Frequency (CH)
161.975 MHz (AIS1), 163.025 MHz (AIS2)
-107 dBm or less (PER < 20%)
Channel Selectivity
70 dB or more
Spurious Response
70 dB or more


Receiving Frequency
1575.42 MHz
Number of channel
72 channels
10 m
Position Fixing Time (cold start)
120 sec typical
Position Update Interval
1 sec


Output Power
30 W max. (4 ohm)


Number of port
NMEA0183 2 port (IN: 1, OUT: 1), NMEA2000 (3LEN) 1 port
NMEA0183 Sentence
Input: 059392/904,060160/416/928,
Output : 059392,060928,126208/464/993/996/998,


Power Voltage
12.0 VDC (-10%, +30%) 5.0 A Max


Ambient Temperature
-15°C to +55°C
Relative Humidity
93% or less a +40°C
Degree of Protection
IP67 (FM-4800, HS-4800, SP-4800)


  • Two frequencies combined to increase your chances of finding fish

    The low frequency will serve to cover a wide area horizontally around the ship, while the high frequency can be used in a vertical profile mode to help identify fish school, including their size and their movement. This information can help in properly deploying a net or steering a better course to reach the targeted school.

    *Dual-frequency 60/153 kHz or 85/215 kHz to be selected

  • The dual-frequency can reveal the presence of sardines and whitebait

    The use of both low and high frequencies shows the echoes that matter most to the fisherman. By comparing the two frequencies, or simply overlaying them, it becomes easy to locate and identify whitebaits.

  • Incredibly fast training speed means less tracking failures.

    ■ Faster motor delivering quicker training speed 【NEW】
    Quick train speeds allow the sonar display to be refreshed at a faster rate aiding in earlier detection of fish and obstructions.

    ■ 6 step angles for speed adjustement according to user’s needs 【NEW】

    The CH-600 is one of the most comprehensive and fastest sonars of its kind. It provides 6 selectable step variations (6°, 12°, 15°, 18°, 21° or 24°) for high scanning speed that can cover sector widths from 24° to 360° in a couple of seconds. Thanks to its high training speeds, the CH-600 can rapidly scan a large area providing the ultimate fishing and navigational experience.

    Expert tip:  When moving fast, you can use a wider step angle in order to get a glimpse of the surrounding area. If you detect sonething interesting, slow down and switch to a decreased step angle for clearer echoes.

  • Smart features to efficiently catch fish

    ■ Built-in motion sensors provide a stabilized target presentation in rough sea conditions

    【Standard equipment】 ​ 

    The CH-600 searchlight sonar is the first of its class to have integrated motion sensors.
    In rough seas, vessels tend to move in every direction. This movement can cause inaccurate target information to be displayed. The role of the integrated motion sensors is to precisely compensate for those negative effects and provide accurate data to the user.

    In the right hand picture above, you can see that once the stabilizer is activated, the bottom echo recovers its circular shape. The sonar is then able to provide accurate data in different sea conditions. Thanks to its integrated motion sensors, the CH-600 is able to detect fish that didn’t appear with the non-stabilized echo.

    ■ Reverberation reduction function 【NEW】

    The reverberation reduction offers both better understanding and better appreciation of
    the nature of detected echoes. Below is an example of how the Reverberation reduction function highlights the wreck from the surrounding seabed. .

    *The echo may be subject to interferences from other Fish Finders
    *Schools with excessivly high density may appear with a weaker echo color

    ■  Full-circle A-Scope mode and audible target detection

    The A-Scope mode shows the last detected echoes with one single color. The nature of the target can be quickly understood as the size of the echo is greatly amplified and even the smallest echoes are shown.
    *The more opaque the color, the latest the echo.

    The CH-600 also features fish and obstacle audio signals depending on the nature and the size of the detected object. Whether there are air bubbles, big or small fish schools, and seabed, the emitted sound is different. This feature shows its usefulness when used with the Full-circle A-scope mode, our recommanded combination to know the nature of the target with precision, and during long sea trips, as it frees the user from continuously watching the screen.Small fish school 

    Big fish school 



    *Optional Loudspeaker required

    ■ Quick Gain Control

    ■ Various display modes
    MIX Displays
    ・Low Freq./MIX

    Dual-Frequency Displays
    ・Dual Horizontal/Vertical
    ・Dual Horizontal
    ・Dual Horizontal (zoom)
    ・Dual Vertical
    ・Dual Echo Sounder

    Conventional Displays
    ・Horizontal (zoomed)
    ・Echo sounder
    ・Full-circle A-Scope
    ・Horizontal/ Full-circle A-scope
    ・Horizontal/ vertical (split)
    ・Horizontal/ Vertical (side window)
    ・Horizontal/ A-Scope
    ・Echo Sounder/ A-Scope

  • Image clarity and high resolution echoes

    ■ Advanced signal processing offering high resolution【NEW】A powerful signal and image processing based on a unique interpolation technology provides images in high resolution. Even if the fish are located near the seabed, the different echoes are clearly shown and easy to understand. Additionally, the high resolution echo display gives crisp, clear echoes, which reduces stress on the eyes.

    ■ Semi-transparent menu 【NEW】

    Keep an eye on the targets while changing the settings in the menu thanks to a semi-transparent window

  • Designed for all environments

    ■ 12.1 inch, High briliance display (XGA)

    ■ Water-resistant to withstand the most rigorous environments

    Display unit (MU-121) Control Unit (CH-502), Hull unit and Transceiver unit are all water-resistant (IP55)

    ■ Hull unit offering various installation possibilities

    ・ 2 choices of dual-frequency (60/153 kHz and 85/215 kHz)
    ・ 2 types of stroke, 5 types of shaft, various cable lengths
    ・ 2 types of power supply ( VDC 12/24)

    ■  Blackbox configuration allowing use of other displays

    Users can freely install their favorite monitor (local supply) if choosing the blackbox configuration

  • 12 languages available

    English, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, French, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese


Transceiver Unit

60/153 kHz or 85/215 kHz (Selectable)
Output Power
1 kW
Pulse Length
0.2~20.0 ms, according to range
Level: 100 dB max, Distance: 1000 m max.
Horizontal: 10 to 2400 m, 15 steps (user selectable)
Vertical: 10 to 600 m, 15 steps (user selectable)
Audio Output
2 W (8 ohms)
Frequency 0.9 to 1.2 kHz(external speaker required)


Screen type
12.1″ Color LCD Display、XGA (1024 x 768)
Echo color
Echo color: 32, 16 or 8 colors (Selectable)
Back-ground: 3 colors selected (Selectable)
Display modes
Normal screen: Horizontal, Horizontal (zoom), Vertical, Full-circle A-Scope, Echo Sounder
Split screen: Half-Horizontal + Vertical, Horizontal + vertical, Horizontal + Full-circle A-scope, Horizontal + A-Scope, Horizontal + History, Echo Sounder + A-Scope
Dual Frequency: Dual Horizontal + Dual Vertical + Dual Horizontal/Vertical + Dual Horizontal/History + Dual Echo Sounder + Dual Horizontal Expansion + Dual Horizontal/Vertical zoomed + MIX mode

Hull Unit

Raising/Lowering time
30 s st 400 mm travel, 20 s at 250 mm travel
Allowable Ship’s Speed
20 kn or less (15 kn during raise/lower operation)


●Video signal output : 1 port, HDMI, XGA
●NMEA0183 (IEC61162-1): 2 ports, V1.5/2.0/3.0/4.0/4.1, 4800/9600/19200/38400 bps
●NMEA2000 : 1 port
●External KP : 1 port. I/O

Power Supply

Processor Unit
12-24 VDC: 4.7-2.3 A
Transceiver Unit
12-24 VDC: 4.7-2.3 A
100/110/115/220/230 VAC, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, 13 A max
12-24 VDC: 2.2-1.1 A
(7.2-3.6 A: during raising)


Display/Transceiver/Control Unit: -15°C to +55°C
Hull Unit 0°C to + 55°C (transducer: -15°C to +35°C)
Display/Control Unit IP55
Transceiver/ Hull Unit IP22


Display Unit: 4.0 kg , 9 lb
Transceiver Unit: 3.3 kg , 7.2 lb
Hull Unit: 41 kg , 90 lb (Travel: 400 mm), 40 kg , 88 lb (Travel: 250 mm)

Equipment List


  • Display UnitMU-121C
  • Control UnitCH-602
  • Transceiver UnitCH-503
  • Hull Unit*CH-504 (400 mm transducer travel)
    CH-505 ( 250 mm transducer travel)
    *Depending on the selected configuration
  • Installation Materials and Spare Parts


  • Control UnitCH-502
  • LoudspeakerCA-151S-ASSY
  • Rectifier UnitRU-1746B-2
  • OthersDisplay Unit installation kit, Installation kit, Cable, Mounting Bracket , Retraction Tank


Interconnection Diagram


Additional information

Additional information



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