High Performance Black Box Video Echo Sounder w/Transducer

Display SizeSupplied Separately

Display TypeBlack Box

Frequency38 kHz

Power Usage110 VAC or 220 VAC

Power Output4 kW

Range5000 m

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Increase your catch with a multi-directional and split-beam detecting Fish Finder

The FCV30BB is a high-performance echo sounder designed for variety of fishing applications. This echo sounder employs two new innovate techniques. One is “Multi-Beam” that facilitates multi directional and long-range fish detection. The other is “Split-Beam” which is commonly used in fish resource surveys. FURUNO’s leading-edge signal processing technology makes the FCV30BB unparalleled in this class of sounder.

With a built-in motion sensor, the beam stabilizer can be facilitated to eliminate the loss of important targets due to the ship’s motion in rough seas. All beams are maintained at required tilt by compensating for ship’s pitch and roll. Add a Furuno GPS satellite compass to detect ship’s heave as well as pitch and roll.

Innovative beam technology for finding fish schools

The FCV30BB detects fish schools in any five directions at the same time so that the location relative to the vessel and distribution of the targeted fish school can be recognized. The operator can set five beams at any direction within 20 degrees by menu settings.

Split-beam is an epoch-making technology for analyzing the size and distribution of a targeted fish school. Split-beam allows you to analyze a fish school before targeting it for to be catch.

  • How long is the target fish in the targeted fish school
  • How the fish school moves

By analyzing the size, volume and movement of a targeted fish school, operators can easily decide what to catch and what not to catch. It is indispensable for deciding when to go for a catch and eliminates fish schools which are smaller than desired. Also, it greatly contributes to fishery resource management or fish resources survey.

Fish smarter with Fish Size Assessment & Fish Distribution modes

Fish Size Assessment
The fish size assessment feature shows fish size within a user-selected measuring area. The bar graph shows size and proportion of fish in the measuring area selected. The vertical axis shows fish length and the horizontal axis shows distribution.

Fish Distribution
The fish distribution display shows the targeted fish’s position and movement. They are shown on the circle, whose scale is adjustable between ±2 to 5 degrees under the vessel.

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