Magnum Open Array

Key Features
Magnum is available in 4kW or 12kW power output options, and with either a four-foot or six-foot antenna array option. It offers a maximum range up to 96nm for 12kW models – ideal for blue water vessels – and up to 72nm for 4kW models. The perfect companion to Raymarine’s award-winning Axiom® and Axiom Pro multifunction navigation displays (MFD) running LightHouse 3, Magnum is also backwards compatible with legacy models including:

  • LightHouse 2-based a, c, e, eS and gS-Series MFDs
  • C-Series Widescreen and E-Series Widescreen MFDs
  • E-Series Classic, G-Series Multifunction Displays
    Note: Not all Magnum features are available on all legacy MFDs.
Antenna Size ~4ft 4in (1.31m) ~6ft 4in (1.92m) ~4ft 4in (1.31m) ~6ft 4in (1.92m)
Max Range Scale 72 nautical miles 96 nautical miles
Scanner Weight
(Pedestal + Antenna)
57.3 lbs (26kg) 63.9 lbs (29kg) 57.3 lbs (26kg) 63.9 lbs (29kg)


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