Icom IC-M700PRO

Pilihan saluran cepat dan mudah diakses, independent Group and Channel knobs. Setiap tombol hanya mempunyai 1 fungsi. Layar besar yang mudah dibaca menunjukkan saluran (atau frekuensi) dan status operasi secara sekilas.

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Frequency range Tx 1.6–2.9999 MHz
4.0–4.9999 MHz
6.0–6.9999 MHz
8.0–8.9000 MHz
12.0–13.9999 MHz
16.0–17.9999 MHz
18.0–19.9999 MHz
22.0–22.9999 MHz
25.0–27.5000 MHz
Rx 0.5–29.9999 MHz
Power supply requirement 13.6V DC ±15% (negative ground)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections not included)
291.4×116.4×315 mm
11.47×4.58×12.4 in
Weight (approx.) 7.8kg; 17.2 lb
Current drain (approx.) Transmit (High) 30A at max. power
Max. audio output 2.5A
(at 10dB S/N; 1.8–29.999MHz)
J3E, J2B, R3E, A1A
(12dB SINAD)
0.35μV typ.
H3E 2.2μV typ.
Selectivity J3E, R3E, J2B, A1A 2.3kHz/–6dB
Audio output power (10% dist/ 4Ω load) 4W
RF output power (PEP)
(output power differs depending on version)
150/60/20W (below 24MHz)
60/20W (above 24MHz)


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