Elegant in Action,
Active in Style
Metal and Ceramic Elegant Design | 326 PPI AMOLED Display
Powerful Battery Life | 5 ATM Water Resistant | 12 Sports Modes
Amazfit GTR

Large 326 PPI AMOLED Display with Elegant Watch Faces. Outstanding and more Comfortable Viewing Experience

Stunning 326 PPI AMOLED Display that will keep you staring at your watch. The watch face store provides a great variety of original interfaces, making your Amazfit GTR a seamless work of art.

Note: The watch face store has continuous updates of new creative interfaces.

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A Revolutionary Battery Life of 24 Days.
No Worries About Running Out of Battery Anymore

An advance chip with low power consumption, a new and enhanced circuit design, a deep-in power optimization and power consumption management, enable the Amazfit GTR to perform perfectly for over three weeks.

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Note: The following duration data is measured by the Huami Science and Technology Sports Laboratory. In practical use, the duration of the battery life is related to various factors such as the setting, operation and use environment, which may differ from the laboratory data.

5 ATM Water Resistance and Professional Swim Tracking

Water resistant to a depth of 50 meters, Amazfit GTR also supports multiple swimming scenarios. The watch can automatically recognize your swimming position, and record data like SWOLF, pace, or calorie consumption, and enables an accurate analysis on the data each time you swim.

5 ATM Suitable for Not suitable for
– Splashes
– Swimming
– Rain or snow
– Snorkeling
– Normal temperature shower
– Scuba Diving
– High-speed watersports
– Diving

1. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters as per the GB/T 30106-2013 / ISO 22810:2010 standard. Amazfit GTR has passed the examinations performed by National Clock Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, with the following report number: QT1906052\QT1906054.
2. Leather and double layer leather+silicone straps cannot be worn while swimming. For your swimming needs, you can purchase a spare strap from the Amazfit colorful strap accessories.
3. In order to keep a good wearing experience, please dry your watch as soon as possible if it has been immersed in water.

12 Sports Modes, From Swimming to Skiing

The Amazfit GTR provides 12 sports modes, from daily activities such as walking, running or swimming, to climbing and skiing, so you’ll be able to learn about your exercise status and improve overtime.

Outdoor Running      Treadmill      Walking      Outdoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling       Open Water Swimming       Pool Swimming       Elliptical Trainer

   Climbing      Trail Running       Skiing       Exercise

Exercise + Health + Daily Life.
A More Advanced Full-scale Heart-rate
Monitoring System

The Amazfit GTR, integrated with the BioTrackerTM PPG biological tracking optical sensor and an algorithm developed by Huami, offers advanced full-scale heart-rate monitoring. It not only provides a 24-hour ceaseless high-precision heart-rate monitoring, but also provides functions such as vibration alerts on heart rate much too high or out of heart rate range while exercising, and recording and viewing fat-burning range, making exercise more scientific and healthy.

Always-On Display, Convenient and Beautiful.

The Amazfit GTR incorporates always-on display* technology on a 326 PPI AMOLED screen. You don’t need to raise your hand for your watch to look stunning, it will always display the date and time information anytime, anywhere.

Note: Turning on the 24/7 screen display will reduce the battery life. This function can be turned on and off anytime in the watch settings.

Incoming Calls, SMS, App Notifications…
No Reminders Will Be Missed

The Amazfit GTR has abundant practical applications and reminding functions, which facilitates your daily work and life.

  Weather Forecast          Call Reminder

 Alarm Clock                APP Notifications

Event Reminder            Find my Phone

Compass                      Stopwatch   

Countdown                  Sedentary Reminder


Amazfit GTR Series Overview

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Amazfit GTR 47mm

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Amazfit GTR 42mm



Power Button

Close the screen (short press)
Return to the dial (short press)
Shut down (from any page long press 10s)

Function Button

Quick access to sports and other functions (short press, choose the function)

Available Watch Straps

We also offer watch straps made from different materials with different colors for you to mix and match as you like. With the quick release mechanism, you can easily replace the strap by yourself.

Fluororubber strap | Silicone strap | Leather strap

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Amazfit GTR 47mm Amazfit GTR 42mm


47.2 x 47.2 x 10.75 mm 42.6 x 42.6 x 9.2 mm


(without strap)

Aluminum alloy:Approx. 36g
Stainless steel:Approx. 48g
Titanium:Approx. 40g
Approx. 25.5g

Water & Dust Resistance Grade



1.39″ AMOLED, Resolution 454×454, 326 ppi 1.2″ AMOLED, Resolution 390×390, 326 ppi, Always-On Display

Touch Screen

Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass + Anti-fingerprint coating Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass + Anti-fingerprint coating

Types of Standard Watch Straps

Aluminum alloy: Brown leather strap
Stainless steel: Brown leather strap
Titanium: Fluororubber strap
Starry Black: Black Silicone Strap
Cherry Blossom Pink: Pink Silicone Strap
Moonlight White: White Silicone Strap
Coral Red: Red Silicone Strap
Glitter Edition: White Leather Strap

Strap Width

22 mm 20 mm


BioTrackerTM PPG biological tracking optical sensor, 6-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, Air-pressure sensor, Capacity sensor, Ambient light sensor






410mAh LiPo 195mAh LiPo

Charging Method

Magnetic charging base, 2Pin Pogo Pin charging

Theoretical Charging Duration

Approx. 2 hours

Battery Life

Typical usage scenario: 24 days

Heart rate always on, sleep monitoring,
150 pushed notifications with screen light-up,
lift the wrist to see the screen 30 times,
run or exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes with GPS on, and 5 minutes for other operations.

Basic watch mode: 74 days

Turn off Bluetooth, heart rate, and other features, and raise your wrist to see the screen 100 times a day.

Typical usage scenario: 12 days

Heart rate always on, sleep monitoring,
150 pushed notifications with screen light-up,
lift the wrist to see the screen 30 times,
run or exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes with GPS on, and 5 minutes for other operations.

Basic watch mode: 34 days

Turn off Bluetooth, heart rate, and other features, and raise your wrist to see the screen 100 times a day.

Body Materials

Metal, microcrystalline zirconium ceramics, polymer materials

Supported Devices

Android 5.0 and above, iOS 10.0 and above


Magnetic charging base, user manual


Zepp App (formerly known as the Amazfit App)